Your phone service depends on your internal network and the internet to make calls using our servers. 


Able to Make Calls but not Able Receive Calls

This is almost certainly caused by your router or firewall blocking some ports.  See Setting up Your Firewall

Unable to Make or receive Calls

Follow our network troubleshooting flowchart to identify what is causign the problem.

This problem could be caused by:

  1. No internet connection:  Test your internet connection
  2. No IP address:  Check if your phone has an IP address
  3. Pyhsical wiring problems

If your internet connection is good, and your phone has an ip address, reboot the modem and router.  If you find that you regularly need to reboot your router to get an Ip address for your phones, it is probably time to replace your router

If there is still no progress, contact our technical support