VanitycanadaSome customers like a memorable number to assign to their business.  One that is easy to recognise. or may spell the company name or industry.

Prodosec has access to a large database of numbers across Canada.  We are usually able to put available numbers in service within 24 hours, and forward the number to a cellphone or landline.  The customer is then able to transfer the number to a cellphone or landline of their choice.  We provide documentation to ease the transfer. 

Prices start at $250 one time charge (+ tax) for generic numbers.  This includes call forwarding for 30 days.  Complete the form below to check out if we have a suitable number.

Vanity Numbers FAQ

  1. How long does it take to put a number in service?  If we have the number, we can usually have it in service and forwarded to your existing number within 24 hours.
  2. Do I have to be an existing Prodosec customer?  No.  We can call forward the number to your existing provider, and we make it easy to transfer out the number
  3. Are you able to get toll free numbers?  Yes. 
  4. What about numbers in the US?  We don't offer vanity US numbers.  We specialise in Canada
  5. Why isn't the number I want available?  There are a few reasons:  The obvious one is that the number is already in service and assigned to a user.  Secondly, not all number permutations are available.  Also, numbers are assigned in blocks (made up of the area code and the next three digits of the number) to carriers.   Carriers generally do not allow competitors access to the blocks of numbers they have been assigned.
  6. My cellphone carrier let me choose the number for free.  Why do you charge for numbers?  Cell carriers often do allow customers to choose from their available numbers when you start a contract.  We are able to just sell you the number to transfer without having to buy service, but we do have to charge for the number.  We are also able to offer more valuable numbers that are held back by more carriers to high spending corporate customers.
  7. I am just starting my business.  Can I pay for the number in installments?  No, but we do accept credit card for payment.
  8. Are numbers available in every area code in Canada?  We cover almost all parts of Canada
  9. Are all numbers $250?  No.  Numbers that have repeating digits (eg xxx-611-1111) or spell popular words (eg xxx-LAWYERS) are more expensive.  Our most expensive numbers are several thousand dollars.
  10. I am not ready to transfer out the number.  Can you hold it for me?  Yes.  Every number includes call forwarding for 30 days.  We can extend this for longer persiods for a small fee.
  11. Can I return the number if I change my mind?  No.  All sales are final.  Once a number has been paid for and put in service, it cannot be returned.